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Choral Groups

At Thousand Oaks High School, we believe in offering a balanced choral curriculum that exposes students to music of all styles from many different cultures. All choirs perform a wide variety of choral literature throughout the year, including music from the Baroque, Renaissance, Classical, and Romantic style periods as well as folk songs, spirituals, a capella, jazz, contemporary, musical theater, and pop music. This ensures that students learn proper choral technique, style, and some music history along the way. 

 All choirs have songs that include choreography throughout the year. Some choreography is created and taught by the students, some by an outside choreographer.

 Students also get to choose their own music for the Finale Concert at the end of the year! This is one of our most beloved traditions in the TOHS Choral Program. We hope you will join us - there is a place for everyone in our choirs! 

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